Calendar Announcements & News 4/29/2021


Announcements to relay!  Exciting news with lots of precinct activity!! Mark your calendars!!

May 1st: Precinct Training available to all. This Saturday morning at 9:30 AM at Golden Corral.
May 4th: Haws Run Precinct Meeting, 109 Woodleaf Lane (Precinct Chair Rob Johnson's home) @ 6:30 PM. 
May 8th: Congressman Greg Murphy is hosting a Roadside Cleanup for the 3rd District.  If you'd like to be a volunteer for the Onslow group, please sign up HERE.
May 18th: Onslow County Executive Committee Meeting @ 7:00 PM.  Join us at 6:00 to have dinner and fellowship with one another!  Location: Biagio's, 622 Court St, Jacksonville, NC 28540.
May 24th: West Northwoods Precinct Meeting @ 7:00 PM, location to be announced.  Commissioner Walter Scott with be the guest speaker.
May 24th: Tar Landing Precinct Meeting @ 7:00 PM, Southwest Volunteer Fire Department.
June 3-6: NCGOP State Convention.  If you attended the County Convention and want to attend State Convention, you'll need to fill out a form HERE.  After you fill out that form, you can register for the convention HERE.  
June 15th: Onslow County Executive Committee Meeting @ 7:00 PM.  Location to be announced at a later date.
June 14th: Crossroads Bi-Monthly Meeting @ 6:30 PM, Southwest Volunteer Fire Department.
June 19th: Juneteenth Celebration, more info to follow.
October 2nd: Onslow County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner @ Sturgeon City, 50 Court Street, Jacksonville.  Lt. Governor Mark Robinson will be the guest speaker.

More events will be shared as they are added to our calendar!  Stay tuned and be sure to get involved with your local GOP!  Check out our website HERE!   If you're a precinct chair, please let us know when you will be hosting your precinct meetings and we will put out the call for the meeting.  Send an email to [email protected]  We are happy to assist each precinct any way possible!

Content for you to Share:
Biden's First 100 Days
  • 100 Days of Biden’s War on American Energy
    • Biden has started a war on American energy. 
    • Joe Biden has proven he is turning his back on American energy workers after saying he would not abandon fossil fuel workers. 
    • On day one, Biden crushed thousands of jobs by canceling the Keystone Pipeline, killing 11,000 jobs including 8,000 union jobs. 
    • Biden directed federal agencies to determine how expansive a ban on new oil and gas leasing on federal land should be, the first step in implementing his proposed ban.
    • Biden also began the 30-day process to rejoin the disastrous Paris Climate Agreement. Economists estimate this move would kill millions of American jobs.
    • Democrats’ “Green New Deal” would eliminate fossil fuels, cost taxpayers up to $93 trillion over ten years, destroy our energy sector, and crush 10 million jobs.
  • 100 Days of Biden’s Disastserous “Infrastructure” Plan
    • Biden claims to care about infrastructure.
    • Only 7% of his $2.25 trillion Bill is for roads, bridges, waterways, ports, and airports.
    • He killed actual infrastructure projects like the Keystone Pipeline and the border wall.
    • His infrastructure proposal will hit Americans with $2 trillion in tax hikes, would lower wages, and shrink America’s economy.
  • 100 Days of Biden’s Border Crisis
    • We are in a border crisis of Biden’s making.
    • The Biden Administration is refusing to admit there is a serious crisis and their policies are to blame.
    • Migrants are surging to the border in record numbers because of Joe Biden’s policies.
    • In March, over 172,000 migrants were taken into custody for illegally crossing the border - a 5 times increase over last March.
    • An estimated 1,000 migrants a day are illegally crossing the border without being pursued.
    • There is a serious humanitarian crisis and border facilities are critically crowded.
    • Biden and his border manager, Kamala Harris, refuse to visit the border.
  • 100 Days of Biden’s COVID Response
    • Biden has been taking credit for Operation Warp Speed.
    • On the campaign trail, Biden repeatedly spread doubt about the vaccine, while Republican-led Operation Warp Speed developed vaccines in record time.
    • Only 1% of his COVID relief bill is for vaccines.
    • The Trump administration put in place a vaccine distribution plan.
    • Biden’s “COVID relief bill” has little to do with COVID relief. Only 9% goes directly fighting the coronavirus. 
    • Hundreds of billions of the Democrats’ “relief bill” will not be spent for up to a decade from now. This was not emergency spending like Joe Biden claimed.
    • Biden slow-walked opening our schools and putting students first. He has refused to call out AFT boss Randi Weingarten who is leading the charge to keep our schools closed.
    • The Democrats’ $1.9 trillion wish list only spends $6 billion - only 0.3% of the bill - on emergency relief for K-12 schools this fiscal year with NO REQUIREMENT that they reopen. 
  • 100 Days of Biden’s Far-Left Agenda
    • In 100 Days, Joe Biden has bowed to the far-left wing of the Democrat Party.
    • The Biden Administration is doing more outreach to China and Iran than to Republicans in Congress.
    • Biden has embraced the radical left and signaled his willingness to end the filibuster.
    • He is now open to court-packing, which he once called a “boneheaded idea”.
    • He has refused to call out radical rhetoric from Maxine Waters who said, “we’ve got to get more confrontational.”
    • Biden repeatedly lied about Georgia’s voting bill.
    • Biden’s foreign policy agenda is once again putting America last.
    • Biden is kowtowing to Russia and China so they cooperate with his Green New Deal agenda to destroy millions of jobs. 
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