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written by Steven Reed 

We are not done yet even with this confirmation to the Supreme Court. We can be happy but not to the point we feel a false sense of security or don't turn out to vote. If the Democrats take control of the House or Senate, they vow to not only impeach our great President but they have also vowed to do the same to our new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  This could cause a constitutional crisis and further divide our country. We as patriotic Americans can not let this happen!

The mid-term election is critical to not only the success of President Trump and the Republican Party at a national level, it is just as critical at the state and local levels. Attacking the Republican party from the ground up has always been in the Democrat playbook especially in the election of Judges, which they feel will aide them in the future.  Look at all the problems that have come out of Obama's appointments to the lower 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to our President.

ALL Republicans must come together and get the word out to all their family, friends, and neighbors to get out and VOTE REPUBLICAN on NOVEMBER 6th. Turnout will be key to the mid-term success. We must protect not only what has been accomplished but also what great things that will come in the future. Any loss in the mid-terms will give the Democrats a chance to undo everything especially our successful economy, tax cuts, etc., and now even our Supreme Court appointment through impeachment.

The Democrats have shown they will stop at nothing ... we have all seen that. We MUST all come together and be true American patriots and tell everyone we know to get out and VOTE REPUBLICAN November 6th.      

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