Cooper: Working for Radical Leftists NOT North Carolinians

  • Governor Cooper is holding North Carolina hostage from receiving comprehensive and effective legislation.
  • While many North Carolinians were celebrating our nation's independence on the Fourth of July, Gov. Cooper celebrated his 57th veto, the most vetoes of any governor in North Carolina history. Here are some of Gov. Cooper's latest vetoes of bills that would have offered North Carolinians comprehensive and effective legislation.


  • On SB 116: "Put North Carolina Back to Work Act."
    • "Once again, Governor Cooper has vetoed common-sense legislation that passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support. SB 116 would have made unemployment benefits non-taxable income and withdrawn our state from the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Agreement (FPUC.)"
  • On SB 43: Protect Religious Meeting Places
    • "Gov. Cooper vetoed SB 43, a common-sense bill that extends gun rights to places of worship that also have a private school, as long as the church allows it and it does not take place during school activities. Guns are already allowed in churches if they so choose."
  • On HB 453: Human Life Non-discrimination Act/No Eugenics 
    • "This bill had bipartisan support in the House. The unborn should not be discriminated against because of characteristics that they cannot control. I will continue to fight for the unborn regardless of their God-given characteristics."
  • Gov. Cooper continues to prevent impactful legislation by following the left-wing agendas of the Biden-Harris administration. These are only a few examples of how King Cooper is working against North Carolinians and not for them