Democrats Plot A Federal Takeover Of Elections

  • Having failed to pass "Build Back Broke," Democrats are attempting to pivot to “voting rights” legislation, which is actually nothing more than a shameless partisan power grab.

  • Democrats are pushing multiple elections bills in Congress, including the “Freedom to Cheat” Act and the “Election Suppression” Act, which are covered below in greater detail

  • Americans see through Democrats’ election lies – Congress should continue to reject the far-left’s efforts to take over American elections.

  • By a wide margin, Americans support election integrity and common-sense reforms to secure elections.

  • By a 33 point margin , Americans believe that voting in their area is “easy” and want the main objective of any reforms to focus on making sure elections are “fair and free of voter fraud.”

  • 81% of voters support for voter ID laws, and support among Black voters has risen by 13% just this year.

  • 68% of voters believe that state legislatures should decide the voting rules and regulations for their state, not the federal government.

  • 87% of voters are against ballot harvesting and 71% of voters believe ballots should not be accepted after Election Day.

  • Republicans stand firmly opposed to Democrat power grabs and remain committed to making it easier to vote and harder to cheat.

“Freedom to Cheat”

H.R. 4: The “Election Suppression” Act

  • The “Election Suppression” Act would consolidate control over elections in Washington, DC, trampling on the right of states to effectively administer their own elections.

    • The “Election Suppression” Act would destroy commonsense, state-level election integrity reforms like those we’ve seen in Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

    • The “Election Suppression” Act is separate from Senate Democrats’ other election bill, the "Freedom to Cheat” Act.

  • The “Election Suppression” Act would eviscerate the right of states to manage their own elections with transparency and ballot-security safeguards. It would misuse the 1965 Voting Rights Act called “pre-clearance” to achieve this goal.

    • Democrats want to force states to get permission from Washington, DC to pass local laws which might, for example, require voter ID -- a policy which polls consistently find roughly 80% of Americans supporting.

    • Joe Biden and Democrats want their politicized Department of Justice to control how states manage their own elections.

    • Democrats are trying to revive an outdated, unconstitutional provision from the 1960s in their stop-at-nothing efforts to undermine election integrity.

  • The bill targets states who try to clean up voter rolls, handcuffing local officials who attempt to keep their voter lists up-to-date and accurate.

    • For example, the bill would prohibit states from participating in an inter-state accountability process to ensure accurate lists.

  • The bill would also force federal courts to take inaccurate census data and subject every existing strict voter ID requirement to Department of Justice review.

  • Voters agree: states know best how to run their own elections.

    • 68% of voters believe that state legislatures should decide the voting rules and regulations for their state.

    • Democrats are showing a total disregard for state and local governments in their desperate attempts to gain power.


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