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Expands the constitutional rights of crime victims

The amendment, known as a Marsy's Law would provide crime victims with specific rights, upon request, including:

  • to receive reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of court proceedings;
  • to be reasonably heard at any court proceeding involving the plea, conviction, adjudication, sentencing, or release of the accused;
  • to be present at any proceeding involving a plea, sentencing, parole, release of the defendant, and any proceeding in which the victim's rights are implicated, except for the defendant's initial appearance;
  • to restitution in a reasonably timely manner, when ordered by the court;
  • to receive information about the conviction, adjudication, or final disposition and sentence of the accused;
  • to receive notification of escape, release, proposed parole or pardon of the accused; and
  • to present the victim’s views and concerns to the governor or agency considering taking an action that could release the accused.

Vote "Yes" to support the rights and extended protection of crime victims.  

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