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Written By Steve Reed   

Onslow County Republicans held strong and showed up at the polls in big numbers for a mid-term. A huge Red wave of Republicans turned the phony blue wave into a trickle. Republicans in Onslow County truly did their part and have a lot to be proud of with the results of the mid-term elections. Our volunteers who helped get the word out and worked the polling locations were awesome and we truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication of each and every one of them. We could not and would not have been as successful without our volunteers and our amazing candidates.   

 In our state results, Republicans did their part as well. State GOP Chairman Dallas Woodhouse released the following statement.
       "Republicans stared down the supposed blue wave and said, 'Not today.' Folks worked hard, increased turnout in places that weren't supposed to, and helped flip a few seats in the NCGA and opened up opportunities for 2020. Haywood County has a Republican County Commission for the first time ever. Sheriff's races flipped in several counties. I can’t say enough about how hard our countries and districts worked.  There are simply no words to convey how thankful we are for their effort. 
While we lost the super majority, we held on to strong governing majorities in both chambers. At this point, our estimates have it at a 66-54 Republican-controlled House and a 29-21 Republican-controlled Senate. 
We had a difficult night in our statewide court races but in almost all those races we faced a significant challenge on the ballot with additional non-endorsed Republican or third party candidates.
    We had a difficult night in some of the state's largest counties. Republicans have to be able to compete in urban areas. When it's a battle of ideas, we will always win and will be working on improving these areas over the next 24 months.  For our most challenging election of the decade, all and all it was not too bad. Not great, not devastating. But we survived. And we survived together. 
   For now, we can turn to 2020 and hosting the RNC Convention in Charlotte. This will be a massive undertaking that will require everyone's help. Keep looking for opportunities to help. Let's go."
   Even with our huge Red wave, we cannot rest because the threat against America and its way of life is constant. We have seen that the Democrats will do anything to get power especially in recent months, their true agenda has been made clear. They embrace resistance, violence, socialism, anarchy, racism, and open boarders just to name a few. They seek not only to divide our country, but to destroy it from within. We cannot stand by and allow this to go on.
   We need to learn and improve wherever we see need. Explore new ways to reach voters and gain more volunteers. The President needs our help and our country needs our strength and dedication.  It's all hands on deck for the 2020 Presidential Election. This is your call to action. Everything we have accomplished and gained under President Trump can all disappear and will if he is not
re-elected. We need to begin to prepare and organize now. If you're ready to make a difference and join a great group of people who love this country, we want to hear from you ... NOW ! 

So Are You Ready To Get This Party Started???

Call..message..or email me now! 
Written by:
Steven Reed
Onslow GOP Volunteer Committee Chairman
(908) 692-2907   

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