Where We Stand After The Election In Eastern NC

(Written & posted on Facebook By Philip Law )
Election recap for Eastern NC
All of the amendments passed except
So that means we will have #VoterID next year(See law suits coming).
Voter Integrity Project NC Voters for Voter ID
Congrats to 
S01 Bob Steinburg
S02 Norman Sanderson
S06 Harry Brown
H01 Ed Goodwin
H03 Michael Speciale
H04 Jimmy Dixon
H06 Bobby Otho Hanig
H09 Greg Murphy
H010 John Bell
H012 Chris Humphrey
H013 Pat McElraft
H014 Conservative Representative George Cleveland
H015 Phillip Shepard
H079 Keith D Kidwell
Republicans held onto the majority in the NC House &
Senate but lost the super majority. (No more veto overrides)
NC House Republicans NC Senate Majority
Thank you for running
S03 Chuck Earley
New Republican Sheriffs Congrats
Pasquotank Tommy Wooten
Craven Chip Hughes
Camden Kevin Jones
Currituck Matt Beickert 
Onslow Sheriff Hans Miller
Thank you for running
Gary Weaver
New Republican County Commissioners Congrats
Currituck Kevin McCord Michael Payment Owen Etheridge
Chowan Robert Kirby
Beaufort Frankie Waters Stan Deatherage
Craven ET Mitchell Denny Bucher
Jones April Aycock
Onslow Tim Tashia Foster William Shanahan
Pasquotank Sean Lavin @Barry Overman
Thank you for running
Benji Holloman Richard Allsbrook
New Republican County School Board Congrats
Onslow Bill Lanier Jeff Hudson Bob Williams
In the Judicial races all of the Republican Judges lost coming off
losses from last election giving Dems control of the NC Supreme
court for ~10 years.
North Carolina Republican Party needs to work on this badly.
Thank you for running
Barbara A Jackson
Judge Andrew Heath
Jefferson Griffin
Chuck Kitchen
Federal - All of the seats were held maintaining the 10R-3D balance.
Overall it was a mixed night. Historically the incumbent president's party loses seats in the House and senate. Rep's gained in the Senate and held a good number in the House.
All of the NC judges lost which we will feel for many years since law suits have become the new form of legislation. 
NC republicans held on to the majority in the NC House and NC Senate losing the super majority which probably means no more veto overrides from the Dem Governor. 
To round it out President Donald J Trump is still the President.